environmental report


The objective of this report is to share Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation’s (TMP) advocacy of caring for the environment and consequently contributing to a sustainable society.

In compliance with Philippine environmental policies and anchored on the global 5-year Toyota Environmental Action Plan, TMP seeks to continuously improve its environmental performance and carry out initiatives to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and promote environmental awareness. Through its environmental management practices, the company endeavors to support the achievement of Global Toyota’s priority environmental objectives, as follows: “Contribute to a Low Carbon Society,” “Contribute to a Recycling-Based Society,” and “Environmental Protection and Contribution to a ‘Harmony with Nature’ Society.”

This report is available in digital version only and can be accessed in TMP’s official website (www.toyota.com.ph). Beginning 2015, it will be included as the Environment portion of the TMP Sustainability Report which will be published annually in both print and digital versions. The digital version will also be available in the TMP website.

Period covered: The data covered in this report will be for the period January 2009-December 2013.

Scope of report: The report contains TMP’s environmental performance and activities that contribute to environmental protection and conservation.