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Overall Dimensions (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Seating Capacity
Engine Type
Engine Displacement (cc)
Maximum Output (ps/rpm)
Maximum Torque (Nm/Rpm)
Fuel Capacity (L)
Power Transmission
Front Brake/ Rear Brake
Wheels (size)
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Read the 2022 Toyota Sustainability Report and learn about T


Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) envisions a sustainable future for all.

TMP has been at the forefront of the automotive industry in the Philippines for over three decades, achieving remarkable milestones and overcoming challenges along the way. In its pursuit of a greener and more sustainable world, TMP is deeply committed to promoting environmental responsibility, social impact, and sound governance.

As it looks ahead, TMP's focus on environmental sustainability takes center stage through its ambitious Carbon Neutrality (CN) drive. With its plant’s CN target set for 2035, TMP is dedicated to contributing to Toyota's global goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050. Toyota’s overall CN approach involves multiple pathways to vehicle electrification and decarbonization, covering the entire vehicle life cycle, leaving no one behind on the journey towards a cleaner, greener planet.

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The 2023 Sustainability Report showcases TMP's dedication to promoting sustainable growth, not just for the company, but for society as a whole. The report is thoughtfully divided into four main sections: Promoting Sustainability, Environmental Performance, Economic Performance, and Social Performance. This structure allows for transparent disclosure of our sustainability management approaches and initiatives.

Together, we embrace the vision of a future, where a sustainable world awaits us all. TMP remains committed to being an active corporate citizen in driving environmental responsibility, social progress, and inclusive growth. With our eyes set on a cleaner, greener horizon, we work tirelessly to produce happiness and create mobility for today's and next generations.

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