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Read the 2022 Toyota Sustainability Report and learn about T


TMP has a strong awareness of its impact to the industry and communities it belongs to. Therefore, sustainability has been an important facet of its business strategy. It has managed its key company activities, as well as its value chain stakeholders, to be aligned with its focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its five priority SDGs are identified below.

A compilation of Toyota's 2022 sustainability goal


In view of the automotive industry’s profound transformation, TMP lays out its actions that contribute in shaping a sustainable future for all its stakeholders. TMP believes it is possible in a society where man, automobiles, and the environment co-exist in harmony.

TMP has already accelerated its sustainability initiatives through its new mobility solutions and decarbonization efforts. With all of these combined with post-COVID economic recovery, TMP is optimistic to do more and create a positive impact towards the development of Philippine society.
A photo banner of Toyota's 2022 sustainability report


This Sustainability Report showcases Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation’s (TMP) accomplishments and initiatives in promoting sustainable growth, not only for the company but also for society.

The contents of the report are divided into three main sections, guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Framework of management approach and topic-specific disclosures.

1.    Economic Performance;
2.    Social Performance; and–
3.    Environmental Performance

This report also gives an overview of TMP’s business in the country, including its latest product line-up, value chain services, as well as dealer and supplier networks.  

New Items

As the Company’s reporting practice transitions from Sustainability Reporting to Integrated Reporting, TMP covers in this year’s issue its overview of corporate strategy and priority SDGs New material topics, guided by the GRI standards of disclosure, have been added as a result of materiality review. Under corporate profile, an in-depth discussion of ‘New Mobility Solutions’ is added. This includes new products and services introduced in 2021.

Scope and Period Covered

This report contains TMP’s initiatives and activities. It also has mentions of its dealers and suppliers. It contains highlights of TMP’s initiatives from January 2021 to December 2021. For some company information on products, services, supplier network, dealer network and major milestones, the status updates as of March 2022 are included.

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