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Overall Dimensions (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Seating Capacity
Engine Type
Engine Displacement (cc)
Maximum Output (ps/rpm)
Maximum Torque (Nm/Rpm)
Fuel Capacity (L)
Power Transmission
Front Brake/ Rear Brake
Wheels (size)

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Toyota Aircare

Your car aircon also deserves the care you give to your home aircon. Get Toyota AirCare every year for better airflow and aircon cooling! It’s a quick and easy service available at a Toyota dealership near you.

The evaporator is responsible for cooling your vehicle’s air. Over time, dirt and bacteria accumulate in the evaporator and may cause foul smell, allergies, infections, and illnesses.


Have a cool and fresh travel with TOYOTA AIRCARE


Toyota Aircare is the country’s first fully automated Aircon Evaporator cleaning service that removes dirt, molds, mildews, and other harmful build-ups in evaporator in just one hour.

      ✓ Cleans and prolongs evaporator life
      ✓ Removes foul smell for fresher and cleaner air quality
      ✓ Optimized aircon cooling performance

Have your aircon evaporator cleaned only with the one who knows Toyota best!

  • Fast- Takes only 1 hour to perform compared to the regular service which normally takes 8 hours.
  • Effective- Uses special cleaning agent and robotic technology that eliminates the need to dismantle the dashboard.
  • Affordable- more savings than conventional aircon cleaning