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Driving Your Way Through Community Quarantine In Cebu

Find out how you can drive your way through quarantine with

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Driving Your Way Through Community Quarantine in Cebu

Driving Your Way Through Community Quarantine in Cebu

Conquering the commute with The New Vios

We have entered into a time of the “extraordinary reality” where resources are limited, commuting is reserved only for the most essential, and wearing protective gear has become the new norm. Many people tend to seek to survive on what is deemed necessary, like driving one’s family or running important errands with health and safety as top priority. But not to worry, with this survival guide and the New Toyota Vios, the Philippines’ best selling sedan, one could easily slide their way through the busy streets of Cebu in these extraordinary times.


    Don’t run in circles! For my own convenience, ever since the start of community quarantine, I have started a habit of listing down all the essentials that are needed – keeping in mind the areas that are still on lock down, such as some areas in Guadalupe going to Banawa area. I also do some research and plot my route before heading out to the streets to avoid detours. With the New Vios’ strength and ease, all my trips would now be a breeze. 


    For someone like me who lives in Mactan Island and works in Cebu Business Park, the New Vios’ multi-information display delivers all my needs for everyday ease and long drive convenience. From navigation apps to surround sound music from my Spotify, driving in my Vios keeps me calm even when I’m stuck at border control traffic brought about by multiple checkpoints. 


    The streets’ community quarantine guidelines can sure be stressful at this time, but the New Vios provides me with the comfort I need for all my daily errand runs – from cushioned seats, easy-to-read labels, and logically-placed controls. I love that the interior is so spacious as it is where I spend so much time, especially with the long distance drive to and from Mactan that I have to go through each day.


    The New Vios may give me the leveled-up look and comfort I deserve, but I always keep in mind to avoid unnecessary stops and only go to places where I really need to. I usually schedule according to my daily route - after work, on the way home, I pass by my favorite supermarket in Oakridge, then a stop at the pharmacy nearby and lastly, a quick drive thru at our favorite fast food chain along A.S. Fortuna - making sure I don’t get hungry while on the road, because who knows what the next border control traffic situation will be.

Quarantine protocols may be in place for some time, but with the right vehicle and features, even the most difficult journey can be a breeze. After all, the New Vios is the country’s class-leading, fuel-efficient sedan. Even better, it’ll serve you faithfully for years to come with Toyota’s proven quality, durability, and reliability that will surely, conveniently, and safely take you where you need to go. 

The New Vios is now available in all Toyota dealerships across Cebu: Toyota Cebu City, Toyota Mandaue-North, Toyota Mandaue-South, Toyota Talisay, Toyota Mabolo, and Toyota Lapu-Lapu. With Toyota Motor Philippines’ One Price Policy across the country, you are sure to get the best value wherever you get your Vios, so it’s best to inquire at the dealership nearest you. You may also view the New Vios at the safety of your own home, through the Toyota Virtual Showroom. Simply go to www.toyota.com.ph/showroom, select Vios, check pricing, and send your inquiry instantly to your dealer in Cebu. Have fun driving, and stay safe always!

Author Angelica Quiling is a 33 year old Communications Specialist who believes in efficiency in doing her everyday tasks as she values spending time with her husband and 2 children. She cannot wait for the pandemic to be over so she and her family can once again enjoy the long, scenic drive up the mountains of Cebu on weekends.