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Toyota Gazoo Racing | Power Comes Great Race-ability

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) concluded its 2021 Toyota GR

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Toyota Motor Philippines: GReat Power, Great Race-ability

Toyota Gazoo Racing Weekend fires up tracks with the All-new GR Yaris, GR Supra, Vios GR-S, and the Vios OMR

The Vios OMR, Vios GR-S, All-new GR Yaris, and GR Supra lined up at the Clark International Speedway

The sunny skies of Pampanga have given Clark International Speedway the go signal to test out the latest and the greatest innovations from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. Together with an exclusive roster from the members of the media, celebrities and pro drivers, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) concluded its 2021 Toyota GR Track Day featuring the All-new GR Yaris, GR Supra, Vios GR-S, and One-Make-Race (OMR) modification of the Toyota Vios. 

TMP President Mr. Atsuhiro Okamoto (left) delivers his welcoming speech to the participants. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Philippines Ambassador Marlon Stöckinger (right) shares his experiences as a pro driver and excitement over the All-new GR Yaris.

During the opening activities, everyone had an exclusive look at the much-awaited All-new GR Yaris ahead of its public launch together with a message straight from TMP President himself, Mr. Atsuhiro Okamoto. “We can’t wait for you to test the power, performance and heart-racing excitement of this vehicle, along with the other models we’re featuring today!” he said during his welcoming remarks. He continues to share his overwhelming enthusiasm, “I was able to drive the GR Yaris last week at the Vios Cup. I loved it so much I just wanted to drive all day! I am sure you are ready for that waku-doki feeling.”

For the first time as well, the newest TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Philippines Ambassador was introduced – none other than the multi-awarded Filipino-Swiss pro racer Marlon Stöckinger. Marlon also expressed his excitement over the All-new GR Yaris stating that this will be the first time for him to be riding and testing out a road vehicle with “Motorsports DNA” in itself. For the longest time, Marlon was racing through tracks around the globe with specially designed formula cars.

Race instructors and participants hop in and prepare for the test drive.

With the help of racing instructors and experts, participants of the Track Day went through a crash course (and the avoidance of literally doing it) for a series of activities that will be done on the tracks, including brake tests, a slalom course, and a full hot lap. Not discounting safety around the circuit and the use of the vehicles, everyone was encouraged to do it all in the spirit of Waku-Doki or the power of the thrill. 

From its arrival to the paddocks up to its debut on the tracks, the All-new GR Yaris drew spine-tingling and goosebump reactions from the participants, a testament to the vehicle’s charisma. This was still minutes away from the actual test drive and laps around the track. When it was pulled out from the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Garage right within the speedway, its presence already proved its worth to stand beside the GR Supra and the Vios GR-S.

TMP President Atushiro Okamoto prepares to test out the GR Yaris.

Whether coming from different perspectives – either as the driver or the passenger (driven by an authorized race instructor) one thing remained the same: the wow factor in the reactions to the speed and handling of this powerful hatchback. With its all-wheel drivetrain pulling up to 261 at 6,500 RPM , it can go fast and forward. Its performance comes from the ideals of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing where lessons of motorsports are studied and developed to produce an ever-better road vehicle. It comes in 6-speed manual transmission and is powered by a G16E-GTS 3-cylinder in-line  DOHC 4-valve roller rocker engine hailed as the “world’s best” in-line 3.

The GR Yaris combs through the slalom with ease and efficient handling.
Driven by the participants, the GR Yaris continues to perform its best.

Not too far along the way is the GR Supra, which made headlines upon its arrival in the country. With its combination of a short wheelbase and wide track, light weight and low center of gravity, and highly rigid body, it was conceived as a sports car in its purest form. The Supra comes with a 3.0 Liter, in-line 6-cylinder engine and pushes 335 HP up to 6,500 RPM for an exhilarating charge to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h. Its ‘Condensed Extreme’ design concept blends racing aerodynamics with a modern, powerful look that screams driving performance. It comes from generations-worth of reiterations, iconic presence, and undeniable legacy among car fans since the Celica Supra. From video games to motion picture, it truly stood the test of time as one remarkable sports car.

Then there came the VIos GR-S, the country’s best-selling sedan injected with the GR spirit. Right from the bat, it already bears the look of being race ready. Marked with the prestigious GR emblem, it also features the GR-S Front Design (Bumper, Grille, and Front Spoiler). It comes in a 10-speed CVT, 1.5-liter engine that delivers 107PS at 6,000rpm. It truly brings next-level thrill in everyday drive. 

Also gracing the tracks was the Vios OMR, very much the same speedster seen in the ongoing 2021 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Vios Cup. It carries racing modifications such as trunk spoiler, a roll cage to increase vehicle rigidity and safety, a new coil-over suspension set, and a muffler set to add the aggressive sound for the Vios, among other upgrades to make it ready for the track. 

Altogether, the 2021 Toyota GR Track Day marked only the beginning of an inspiring journey for Toyota and its commitment in pushing limits for the better and building ever-better cars. The experiences gained from using the road cars provided more valuable feedback to further improve its quality, durability, and reliability. 

The GR Track Day activity was done during the modified general community quarantine and was mounted with utmost safety. All attendees and TMP team members were tested and cleared by medical professionals to participate. All prevailing safety protocols and social distancing were observed.

Watch what went down during the GR Track Day here: