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Toyota Headlamp Restoration | Toyota Motor Philippines

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Toyota Headlamp Restoration

Your headlights can shine like brand new! For only PHP 1,599 for two headlamps, get complete cleaning that would enhance and protect your car.

Headlamp lenses look cloudy? Yellowish? Foggy? Or you struggle to see headlight bulb? Old headlamps are dangerous to drive as they reduce the amount of light emitted, impacting your visibility on the road.

Avoid struggling to see while driving in the dark or the rain! It’s time to bring your headlamps back to life with


Toyota Headlamp Restoration is a 2-step process that safely and effectively removes discolorations and protects headlamp to prolong its clarity:

  1. Cleans and restores clarity of headlamps by removing scratches and discoloration
  2. Coats and protects headlamps from UV rays, oxidation and scratches; maintains headlamp clarity & shine


  • Experience bright night driving
  • Adds a clear protective coating for prolonged clarity
  • Enhances vehicle appearance
  • Increases car value

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