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What Makes The New Toyota Yaris Stand Out? [WATCH THIS]

Toyota Yaris received a set of exciting improvements for 202

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What Makes the New Yaris Stand Out? [WATCH THIS]

What Makes the New Yaris Stand Out? [WATCH THIS]

Watch the video and see why the new Yaris’s vibrant looks might just be perfect for your style!

In case you missed it, Toyota’s stylish hatchback, the Yaris, saw itself receive a set of exciting improvements for 2021. Right off the bat it’s hard to miss that striking bright blue body. It’s a color you don’t often see, but the sporty Yaris pulls it off with ease. This new color called “Cyan Metallic” is just one of several exterior AND interior updates that makes the new Yaris really stand out from the crowd.

Styled for Looks
Let’s get it out of the way: the Yaris is a looker! It’s a car with a lot of personality for people who want to make a statement. Across all variants, you’ll find a new sporty mesh-type grille with new front LED fog lamps, newly-designed 15-inch two-tone wheels, and a rear spoiler to top it all off. On the top-of-the-line 1.5 S CVT variant, you’ll find that the head lamps have been upgraded to LED and are now paired with Daytime Running Lights. Even on poorly-lit roads, you’ll be sure to see everything ahead and light up the way!

Styled for Comfort
While “beauty is pain” may be the common adage we are used to hearing, the new Yaris proves you can have all the looks while giving up absolutely none of the comfort. You can sit back and relax on the new synthetic leather seats exclusive to the 1.5 S CVT variant. Or you could treat everyone aboard to your favorite playlist with its built-in 6 speakers and large 6.75” AXV display for the infotainment system.

Styled for Function
The new Yaris also has all the useful bells and whistles for you to fully customize not just your style, but also your ride. Crowd-favorites like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now come standard on all variants of the Yaris, making navigation and media control as user-friendly as possible. While on the 1.5 S CVT variant, you’ve got the very convenient Smart Entry and Push Start System, so you can go in and start your car without ever even having to reach for your key!

Styled for the Experience
What’s all that style without the right power, right? Behind that good-looking face is a capable and efficient 1.5L Dual VVT-i engine for the 1.5 S CVT variant or a 1.3L Dual VVT-i engine for the E CVT variant. Feel even more in control with toggles for Eco and Sport Drive Modes!

Styled for Safety
With all the space in the new Yaris, we’re sure you’ll want to have your friends and family aboard (while still following social distancing protocols, of course!) While we know accidents, knock on wood, are not the first thing we want to think of when getting into our cars, it helps to know that the new Yaris has got you covered on all sides (literally) with its industry-leading 7 SRS airbags across ALL variants. That’s even more airbags than the maximum number of people you could fit inside! 

Ever made a turn that was a bit too sharp and you felt like your car was about to tip over? Lucky for you the new Yaris also comes with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) to help prevent exactly this by stabilizing the car when abruptly turning on tight curves, and by preventing side skids.

Or have you ever experienced parking on a hill or an inclined road? If so, you probably remember how difficult it is to get the car going from that inclined position. The Yaris has a nifty safety feature called Hill-Start Assist that helps you advance uphill from a full stop with ease.

Styled for your Style
With all the useful updates and a new vibrant look for the new year, it’s no wonder the Yaris continues to excite riders and passersby alike. We know choosing your next vehicle can be a daunting decision to make, but the new Yaris offers a lot of useful improvements that makes it worth adding to your shortlist. So when it comes to a ride to match your new style, the Toyota Yaris might just be the right fit for you. Simply put: it’s styled for your style.

If you want to see more of the new Yaris, check out the video above for a virtual walkaround of all its new features!