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The Newbie’s Survival Guide To Driving In Manila

Driving in Manila a challenge? Here's a newbie's s

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The Newbie’s Survival Guide To Driving In Manila

The Newbie’s Survival Guide To Driving In Manila

Conquering the Commute with the Toyota Wigo

For the newbie driver, who’s probably driven all of five kilometers around the neighborhood while attending driving school, there’s nothing more intimidating than getting behind the wheel and tackling EDSA and other major Metro Manila thoroughfares. Heck, driving around Manila can be challenging, it even leaves veteran drivers shookt. But not to worry, with this simple guide and the new Wigo, Toyota’s most affordable and practical hatchback yet, you’ll make it through.

Tip #1: Get a Head Start
Know where you want to go and what time you want to get there. Traffic builds up fast during rush hour, and every minute of delay can cost you an extra five minutes on the road. Getting started as quickly as possible is made easier with the Toyota Wigo’s keyless entry and push-button start. This is a car you can simply get in and drive.

Tip #2: Get Connected

It pays to know where the traffic is before you get there. With a navigation app on your smartphone like Waze or Apple Maps, you can see where the traffic is and avoid getting stuck. For convenience and hands-free use, Wigo’s all-new Android Auto and Apple Car Play features let you project those maps onto your car’s dashboard screen.

Tip #3: Find Your Diskarte
Learn the ins and outs of the city. While navigation apps can help you with traffic, sometimes, there’s nothing quite like the human touch. Knowing the back alleys and short cuts that will get you there faster helps a lot when the roads fill up with cars. With the Wigo’s small size and zippy engine, it’s easy to thread your way down small streets where bigger cars fear to tread. The Wigo, in fact, can go nearly anywhere a motorcycle or tricycle can—which makes getting to where you’re going super easy. Other beginner-friendly features are the back camera and back sonar for easier parking and driving in tight spaces. 

Tip #4: Keep Chill
Good tunes bring good vibes and help keep you from blowing your top in traffic. With the Wigo’s steering wheel controls, flipping through your Spotify or Apple Music playlist has never been easier.
Tip #5: Keep Extra Chill
Once upon a time, car air-conditioning was a luxury reserved for the rich, but not anymore. The Toyota Wigo comes with A/C that’s ice-cold and easy to use. It even has a new digital control panel that allows you to stay frosty with a single push of the “Max Cool” button.
Tip #6: Avoid Needless Side Trips and Stops
While it’s a good idea to chain necessary trips to save fuel, the longer you stay on the road, the more traffic you run into—and naturally, the longer the rest of your trip will be. Avoid unnecessary stops and get all your grocery shopping done in one trip with the Wigo’s impressive cargo space and fold-down rear seats. The economical 1.0 liter engine means you won’t have to stop for gas very often, either.

Tip #7: Share-a-Seat
Trips go by faster when you’ve got company. Thankfully, the Wigo’s surprisingly big cabin means the entire barkada can fit, when it’s safe to go on a road trip again. Following social distancing guidelines, you can also car pool with a workmate or friend to save money and save your sanity while commuting. And if you can share a seat with that special certain someone, so much the better!
Traffic may be inevitable, but with the right company and the right car, even the most difficult journeys are a breeze. The Toyota Wigo may be one of the most affordable cars on the market, but it’s anything but basic. Even better, it’ll serve you faithfully for years to come with Toyota’s rock-solid reliability.