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How Toyota is More Filipino Than You Think

From the Tamaraw Fx of the 80s to the Vios and Innova of tod

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How Toyota is More Filipino Than You Think

Toyota supports more than 55,000 Filipinos’ livelihoods through its vast supply chain

The automotive industry is undeniably a driving force (pun intended), of any economy, and the Philippines is no exception. Since Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) started operations 32 years ago in 1988, it quickly captured the hearts of Filipinos and began a long line of locally-manufactured Toyota favorites. From the Tamaraw Fx of the 80s to the Vios and Innova of today, Filipinos have been supporting Filipino craftsmanship, probably without them even knowing it!

“Toyota is a symbol of the best in Japanese technology and Filipino craftsmanship,” Atsuhiro Okamato, President of TMP, proudly shares. “Gawa ng Pilipino, Para sa Pilipino.” 

By the end of 2020, over 300,000 vehicles have been proudly manufactured by our fellow countrymen in Toyota’s Santa Rosa plant.

When we talk about Toyota’s impact to the country’s economy and even to just the everyday Filipino, it covers the entire supply chain. Toyota provides livelihood to over 55,000 Filipinos, from TMP’s own team members and those of its vast network of 70 dealers nationwide, to the numerous local parts and logistics suppliers that have become our partners in our business operations.

TMP has also made great investments to the local economy, a further testament to its confidence in Filipinos’ craftsmanship. TMP has made cumulative investments of over 64 billion pesos and generates 1 billion US dollars in exports of locally-made auto components. And as part of its commitment to constantly promote local production, Toyota enrolled its Vios in the government’s Comprehensive Auto Resurgence Strategy, also known as the “CARS Program”.

With every Toyota vehicle manufactured by Filipinos, owned by Filipinos, and loved by Filipinos, Toyota not only builds ever-better cars, but builds jobs, lives, and an ever-better tomorrow for the entire nation.