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Rainy Day Safety on the Road | Toyota Motor Philippines

You’re on the road and onto a journey for the day and the

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Rainy Day Safety on the Road

Rainy Day Safety on the Road

A few tips to remember while driving with your Toyota Innova

Today’s weather report: rain showers! You’re on the road and onto a journey for the day and the rain just came hard unannounced. Suddenly, rows of vehicles start to line up on the avenue or expressway in the pouring rain. Windshields are like windows back home with streaming water and leaves almost no visibility. You’ll never know what might happen if you don’t stay safe during this time. Good thing the new Toyota Innova has got your back. So, what can you do if you’re driving in the rain? Here are some pointers! 

Slow down. The hard and fast rule of driving under rains shower. If you’ve been defensive on a sunny day, then it’s time to be even more defensive. As much as possible, allow at least five seconds of following distance between your car and the one in front of you. If the road is wet, you have time to step on the brakes and avoid collision. Don’t worry about other people honking on your slow movement. Better safe than sorry! 

Know your roads. It helps if you already know the road you’re taking by memory. You’d know what to avoid and where to turn in case the vision gets blurry. But if you’re new to the place, it might best to take a moment to consider your route. If you can, survey the area and see if you can pull over to a safe side of the road. Look for alternative roads of pathways or better yet, wait until the weather’s better. You can also check for traffic updates with the integrated infotainment (Android Auto/Apple CarPlay), which is available on V, G, and E Variants.

Integrated Infotainment

Switch on lights, never the brights, not even hazards. Most cars produced today are equipped with lights that are designed for specific driving conditions. Just like the LED Front Fog Lamps (Available in the V variant) that offer better visibility during a rainfall and help you see the road in front of you. Remember to keep it light and not bright as you might disorient the ones from the oncoming traffic. And as many have already mentioned, do not turn the hazard signals as they can be misinterpreted as an emergency even if you’re not in one. Cars that follow you might mistake your vehicle as stationary and may not give them a heads up or preparation as they come near you. 

Fog Lights

Follow another vehicle’s tracks. Yes, as if you’re already following them for a long time. It gives your tires more probability to hand the water on the road plus the tracks lets you see what’s up ahead. With an estimate like that, you can give an ample space between you and the cars in front. 

Check windshield wipers. Even if it’s not raining, it’s best to check the wipers once in a while to ensure it’s still in good quality to do its job. If left unchecked, it could chip or crack, or even lose the ability to be efficient in cleaning the windshield properly. Just to be sure, make it part of your checklist before you head on out from home. 

Never get tired to check your tires. When in best condition, tires should endure wet weather driving, providing traction and keeping you steady while driving on the road. Since you already know that you should slow down, you’d know that you’re on the safe side and it gives your tire an assurance you’re not pushing them to the limits unnecessarily. It also helps if you avoid hard braking or taking sharp turns to ensure contact with the road.  

Take advantage of the new technologies in vehicle safety. The New Toyota Innova is equipped with safety features that gives you and your family the protection you deserve. The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) monitors the speed of each wheel to detect and prevent locking. It also has Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) that helps prevent side skids and assists in stabilizing the vehicle when turning on a tight curve. When moving from parking, the New Innova features a Reverse Camera (for the V and G grades) and serves as a reliable guide to help you see the rear view better. And it doesn’t stop there, the V and G grades also include Clearance and Back Sonar that give you an audible warning to prevent untoward accidents.

Reverse Camera
Vehicle Stability Control

Finally, pull over when it’s really bad. As much as we want to go on further forward, it’s always better to stop and let the weather ease into a safer condition. An accident prevented today can let us take on more adventures in the future. 

The more that we share in safety, the more that we can share in the stories. Even with the New Toyota Innova, a premium MPV that provides a venue for families to share more of life’s stories. Available in different variants and colours, with a refreshed dynamic exterior and completely safety system, the Innova is the perfect companion for journeys with the family. 

Want to check out the New Innova? For safely distanced viewing, you may check out your preferred Toyota model and inquire online at toyota.com.ph/showroom, and choose your preferred dealership so they can revert to you on your product inquiry. Follow TMP’s official pages – Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter (ToyotaMotorPH), and Viber (Toyota PH) – for regular updates on products and services, dealer operations, announcements, and events. Go to mytoyota.ph for your aftersales needs and service appointments.