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Why Should I Buy The New Fortuner?

It was the best-selling vehicle (of any kind) in 2017! Find

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Why Should I Buy The New Fortuner?

Why Should I Buy The New Fortuner?

Dominic Ochoa and Khalil Ramos Put The New Fortuner LTD to the Ultimate Off-Road Test!

There are just some things Filipinos unanimously love, like an all-night karaoke session, a trip to the beach, and owning an SUV. Filipinos love SUVs. It makes sense since SUVs are so versatile. You can fit the entire family (both direct and extended!) while being able to take on all road conditions. And among SUVs, one name has become almost synonymous with the three-letter word: Toyota Fortuner. It’s everywhere. And for good reason. In fact, it was the best-selling vehicle (of any kind) in 2017! 

Toyota Motor Philippines launched the 2021 update to the popular Fortuner last October 2020. There were many updates made to the existing variants, with new variants also added, the standout being the new top-of-the-line LTD variant. It’s hard to miss it with its new exclusive design that looks both sleek and aggressive. But is it all looks and no bite? Well let’s hear it from perhaps the toughest crowd: Fortuner owners themselves!

You’ve seen him on screen but did you know Dominic Ochoa is also a racecar driver? We wanted to see if the new Fortuner LTD could impress a car guy like Dominic, especially as a current owner of the Fortuner for 2 years already. Could the new Fortuner LTD tempt him to upgrade?

To spice things up and offer a second opinion, Dominic will be joined by actor, singer, and all-around heartthrob Khalil Ramos. The two are good friends already actually, especially with Khalil’s own interest in vintage cars. They’re joined by Dominic’s best off-road buddies, Bryan from Manila Off-Roaders, Inc. (MORI) and Toti from Dirty South. Looks like we’ve got a tough crowd in store for today.


The group assembled in Alabang before taking the new Fortuner LTD to General’s Farm in Batangas where Bryan’s got an off-road track in store.  While first impressions aren’t everything, the new Fortuner LTD sure got Khalil excited the first time he laid eyes on it. The Fortuner LTD is sure to attract attention with its wholly-redesigned fascia, mesh-type grille, 18” machine-cut finish alloy wheels. split-type LED headlamps, and LED rear combination lamps with sequential turn signal. And we haven’t gotten to the interiors yet!

Before the group takes the new Fortuner LTD to extreme conditions, they go where all out-of-towners must first go: the highway! It’s a buttery smooth ride especially with the Adaptive Cruise Control enabled. Dominic and Khalil test out a lot of new features like Toyota Safety Sense, a complete suite of active safety features. Dominic is particularly impressed with the Lane Departure Alert, which as the name suggests, gently alerts you when it detects that you’re veering out of your lane. Don’t worry. Even if you’re not the driver, there’s a lot to enjoy with the new Fortuner LTD, like it’s two-tone black and maroon leather seats, nine-speaker JBL sound system (sarap pang sound-trip!), wireless smartphone charger up front, and two 2.1A USB chargers in the second row. Talk about keeping everyone fully-charged and fully-entertained!

They arrive at General’s Farm in Batangas and it’s every off-road enthusiast’s dream course. It’s Dominic behind the wheel with Khalil in the second row and like kids let loose in a playground, they attack every obstacle in sight. 

Descending is no problem with the Fortuner’s Downhill Assist Control. And just when you think you’re stuck, the Fortuner gets you out with ease when you ascend thanks to its Hill-Start Assist Control. Dominic views all this without ever turning his head thanks to the Panoramic View Monitor on the infotainment system. Goodbye, stiff neck!

Dominic’s off-road buddies Bryan and Toti take turns after with the Fortuner LTD to really put it through its paces. The verdict? Let’s find out first what Dominic’s buddies have to say.

Bilib ako! Traction. 4x4. Okay [na okay!]” exclaims Toti. Looks like he’s convinced!

Na-surprise ako,” admits Bryan. “Ang galing ng power delivery niya. Ang ganda ng traction niya”. That’s two out of two so far!

But how about from the point-of-view of a passenger? Is the ride just as impressive from the back row?


“As a passenger, I didn’t know what to expect. Kasi it’s my first time really experiencing this type of off-road, high-speed [activity],” Khalil explains. The verdict? “I’m quite surprised how smooth it handled everything”.

And last but not least, what does Dominic have to say about his experience with the new Fortuner LTD, especially compared to his own Fortuner? 

“I’m happy with it! It’s an expression of luxury and sport,” says Dominic. He looks impressed. “Pasok sa pangangailangan ko; sa needs ko.” He continues, “..sa trabaho, sa pamilya, at tsaka pang i-sports pa!

The new Fortuner LTD gets a perfect 4/4 score from our panel of judges! So would they recommend it? 

Khalil would. “It’s everything you need in an SUV.”

Dominic agrees. “After testing it here, I’m 200% convinced that I would recommend the new Fortuner LTD,” he adds. “If it’s a Toyota, it must be good!”

Curious to find out more about the new Fortuner? Visit https://toyota.com.ph/fortuner for more details!

Watch Dominic, Khalil, and friends take on the new Fortuner LTD below for yourself!