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Toyota's Woven City: Where People & Tech Live Side By Side

Led by the Toyota President Akio Toyoda, the 175-acre (70 he

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A City Where People & Tech Live Side by Side

A City Where People & Tech Live Side by Side

How Toyota lives the future today with Woven City

When Sakichi Toyoda completed the invention of the automated loom machine almost a century ago, he might not have envisioned his works to go as far as building the world’s favorite cars for both common customers and enthusiasts alike.  The art and philosophy of weaving seemed to have carried on with the process of manufacturing and how businesses are managed. The concept intersects the solutions brought by technology with the improvement of people’s behavior and attitude. 
And it continues today. As the company is driven by the spirit of Kaizen or continuous improvement, Toyota now sets to build a new project called Woven City. A smart city where the future is “prototyped”, giving us a glimpse of what the world could achieve with the innovations in technology. A place where it can test the real-life applications of all sorts of mobility, as well as robotics and smart home technology.

Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda announces Woven City during an event in Las Vegas, USA.

Led by the Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda, the 175-acre (70 hectares) project will break ground at the end of 2021 at the base of the famous Mount Fuji in Japan. It will be populated by up to 2,000 people including Toyota team members and their families. 
One of the city’s prominent features is the plan to integrate three major roads – one for fast vehicles, another for personal mobility such as bicycles and scooters, and third, a park-like walkway for everyday pedestrians. 


Shared road between humans and self-controlling automated mobility

The passion that Akio Toyoda has poured into this is evident so much that he’s calling it his “field of dreams”. Referencing to the 1989 film starred by Kevin Costner, in which the character had a vision of success beyond risks of hardships, quipping the famous phrase, “If you build it, he will come.”

Watch how Akio Toyoda has expressed his excitement for this project here and how it aligns with the world’s goals towards a better future in the video below.

The future definitely will come. Including for us, Filipinos. 

In recent times, the Philippines has invested in city upgrades and land developments for a more sustainable future. Buildings are renovated to become more environment-friendly while some residential communities are built relying solely on renewable energy. 
Toyota is guided by the principle of thinking globally and acting locally. At the success of Woven City, a smart city for the country isn’t too far off in possibility. In fact, the country is cited as a quick adapter to emerging technologies.


A community of continuous development and advancement

Who knows, in a few years, we’d be living in our homes controlling everything with a button or our voice or riding automated mobility that breezes through well-connected traffic and pathways. All innovations weaved together to form a harmonious life.

Learn more about this futuristic project by visiting https://www.woven-city.global/.