How To Join

Join Toyota's E-motorsports tournament in the Philippines!

GR GT Cup 2022
Check the minimum requirements here.

Race Progression

The Top 24

The top 24 semi-finalists for each leaderboard challenge round will be divided into 3-lobbies on semi-final heat. Participants in each lobbies will be receiving corresponding point/s based on their finishing position.

The Top 3

Top 3 from semi-final heat in each lobby will advance to the weekend’s final heat. The participants must re-qualify every next race weekend. Participants of each class with the highest total points after 3 race weekend will be the winner.

National Rounds

For the Nationals, Top 5 of sporting and promotional based on the highest overall points will then compete for the round. The racer with the highest points based on a different point system will be the GR GT Cup 2022 PH Champions.

Regional Rounds

Qualified participants from the previous race around can join the next round and gather points. Participants of each class with the highest overall points following 3 rounds will be the CHAMPION and will represent the Philippines in the GR GT Cup Asia.

Points System
Ranking Points
1st place 20 points
2nd place 15 points
3rd place 12 points
4th place 10 points
5th place 8 points
6th place 6 points
7th place 4 points
8th place 3 points
9th place 2 points
10th place 1 point
Round Multiplier
Round 1 x 1.0
Round 2 x 1.5
Round 3 x 2.0

*Highest total points after 3 race weekends will be tagged the overall champion

How to Join Mechanics

Join the best online racing tournament in the Philippines!

Open to all Filipinos ages 18 and above for Promotional and Sporting Class and will need to sign up to register. Once application has been approved, participants are now eligible to race in the Qualifying Weekend 1.

  • Inclusion to the Official Drivers Portal Facebook Group and obtaining the Official Rules and Technical Regulations of the Event.
  • Participants will have to Qualify on a QTT LEADERBOARD during Qualifying Weekend 1.
  • Top 24 qualifiers will then compete in race weekend 2, wherein points will be rewarded.
  • There will be 3 Qualifying Weekends.

View where you qualify.

How to join requirements

General Requirements

  • Sony Playstation 4​
  • Active PSN Account​
  • PS PLUS Subscription​
  • Must have Gran Turismo Sport (GT Sport)​
  • Any compatible gaming controller
  • High-speed internet​
  • Active Facebook account​
  • Valid Passport​
How to join registration requirements

Registration Requirements

  • Name
  • Email address​
  • Contact Number​
  • Any government issued ID
  • Proof of Residence
  • PSN Online ID​
  • PSN Online Country
  • Player ID (In Gran Turismo Sport)
  • Previous Achievements

Secure all General and Minimum Requirements for your Classification. Unqualified participants automatically forfeit all awards and prizes. For qualified participants, necessary prizes will be provided in place of championship packages.​

Race Classes & Other Qualifications

Promotional Class
  • Novice and players with no professional e-Sports background​
  • Should not be associated to any Professional e-Sports Racing Team
  • Existing Promotional racers of the Vios Racing Festival​
Sporting Class
  • Professional E-Racers who competed in any sim racing events in and out of the country​
  • Associated to any Professional e-Sports Racing Team​
  • Participated in high-tier sim racing e-Sport program such as but not limited to GT Academy Top 6, Formula Sim Racing, SRPH Pro Class, ERGP Sea Pro Class​
  • Players with exceptional sim racing skill​
  • Existing Sporting Class of Vios Racing Festival Series​
  • Winners of past GR GT Cup must register under sporting class
Junior Class
  • Open to all Filipino ages 17 and below​