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Lower, flexible, monthly payments and hassle-free prepaid periodic mai

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Lower, flexible, monthly payments and hassle-free prepaid periodic maintenance with Balloon Payment Plus

Lower, flexible, monthly payments and hassle-free prepaid periodic maintenance with Balloon Payment Plus

Driving to New Heights with New Lighter Ways to Own a Toyota

Getting upgrades in life could never be less than exciting, whether it’s a job promotion, opening a new business, or simply expanding horizons and taking on new opportunities. That goes true with getting a new Toyota. There is no better time than now to live in the moment and take things to greater levels, like exploring new places or bringing your products and services to more people. With the fast-changing times, a well-deserved upgrade such as new a car shouldn’t be a worry anymore. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) introduces Balloon Payment Plus - a new and easier way to bring and give access to mobility for all. 

Balloon Payment Plus is a refreshed financing solution made exclusively for TMP by Toyota Financial Services Philippines that makes ownership and driving experience more affordable with lower monthly payments, top quality and built-in (and stress free!) prepaid periodic maintenance service, and flexible end-of-loan term options. But what does it really mean for you? How is it any different from the regular car financing?  Just like a balloon, here’s a smooth and gliding guide on Balloon Payment Plus. 

Balloon Payment Plus offers up to 28% lower monthly payments compared to regular financing which gives you a lighter way to pay every month. Think of it as a goal-setting plan to pay low now and then deal with the rest later. That’s perfect if you’re on your way to that big raise or your biggest business breakthrough. Before you know it, you’re already trending in your own right with your brand-new Toyota. 

Now, that lump sum at the end might sound like that’s a lot of weight to carry, but you’re assured of a wonderful pay-off – the built-in Period Maintenance Service. The low monthly payment comes with PPM: Prepaid Periodic Maintenance service. Over the course of maintaining the car, the car ages, the mileage goes up, which in turn makes the maintenance costs to go up as well. Balloon Payment Plus program comes inclusive with stress-free and top-class periodic maintenance service from the dealership where the car was purchased. In the long-run, you drive with a peace of mind knowing that your Toyota is in tip-top shape. More places to go, more opportunities to take. 

What happens at the end of the financing term? What now? Well, you have flexible options. If you have eyes on a new Toyota that you’d love to have and drive, the car can be traded in for a new one and the estimated value of the previous vehicle can be used as a down payment. Now, talk about a hassle-free upgrade! Or you can choose to pay off the lump sum plus the remaining monthly payments to complete the financing term.  That’s the Toyota life, making driving experiences better. 

If you choose to drive a new Toyota, all you have to do is your pick your vehicle. Balloon Payment Plus covers a range of models and variants that will surely serve your dreams. Brave new roads with Fortuner and enjoy its balance of power and comfort. Or hop on to new adventures and conquer new opportunities with Hilux. Explore and discover new things with Corolla Cross. Feel the adrenaline of breaking away from the usual with Rush. Or bring the whole family and share new memories and stories with the New Innova

Now, let’s say you have your eyes on the Toyota Fortuner 4x2 G Diesel AT. We can break down the easy Balloon Payment Plus transaction into three steps:

  1. Get started with a 20% down payment
  2. Choose your payment term (24, 36, 48, or 60 months) and enjoy a lighter monthly payment. 
  3. Settle the remaining amount to pay off the lump sum OR easily trade-in for a new one!

Now, getting on to the road with a new Toyota can be easier and more affordable with Balloon Payment Plus. Plus, it opens new doors to a Toyota life experience like no other. Upgrades in life such as this really do need to be simpler and more accessible.

Learn more about Balloon Payment Plus benefits and privileges by visiting toyota.com.ph/bpp or by contacting a Toyota dealership near you. Follow TMP’s official pages – Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, and Viber – for regular updates on products and services, dealer operations, announcements, and events. For safely distanced viewing, you may check out your preferred Toyota model and inquire online at toyota.com.ph/showroom and choose your preferred dealership so they can revert to you on your product inquiry. Download the myTOYOTA PH app for Android and iOS for all your Toyota needs, from car selection to car care, maintenance and upgrades.