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“GR Supra” Debuts At Gran Turismo Sport In Asia

Asian e-motorsport champs’ race for top honours in Toyota�

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“GR Supra” debuts in the digital realm of Gran Turismo Sport in Asia

Asian e-motorsport champs’ race for top honours in Toyota’s Online Regional Finale of “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020” on 25 October

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific will bring 15 top e-motorsport players in Asia* together for its first virtual motorsport showdown, the “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020 [Regional Round],” next month. Three top challengers from each of the five participating countries – Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and India, will race online, to win the top spot in the first-ever “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020” regional finals, streamed on 25 October for all GR Supra fans to enjoy.

(Left to Right) Lance Padilla, Jose Altoveros and Terence Lallave
 National Winners of “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020” Philippine

The “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020”, a one-make race championship in Gran Turismo Sport kicked-off in June 2020 with national-level qualifying races hosted by Toyota Affiliates, in each of the five participating countries, has generated huge excitement among e-Sport fans in Asia.

E-Motorsport is one of the key pillars of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing [TGR], to bring thrill to car enthusiasts and engage those looking to pursue new challenges in the virtual world. Furthermore, the key learnings and real-time experiences gained from the TGR’s motorsport activities remains eminent to the development of ever-better cars.

The following national finalists will battle it out in the Gran Turismo Sport [PlayStation 4**] during the regional finale hosted by TMAP. The regional champion of the “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020” will earn a coveted spot at the global “GR Supra GT Cup 2020,” to be held this December.

The top three national entrants from each country who will be racing in the regional finale to be held this month are:

Country  Names of Top National Qualifiers
Singapore AR Muhammad Aleef, Nur Shaliezhan Bin
Hassan, Jason Tay
Thailand  Nathayos Sirigaya, Anan Thananchai
Thanaphat Pungphat
Philippines Lance Padilla, Jose Altoveros and
Terence Lallave
Malaysia Taj Izrin Aiman Taj Madira, Mior
Muhammad Hafiz, Muhammad Iqbal
Ahmad Suji 
India Aditya Raghav, Abishek Dwaraknat,
Tariq Rahman


Speaking on behalf of the three qualifiers of “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020” [Philippines], winner Terence Lallave, said, “I am very thankful to Toyota for bringing this opportunity to showcase what Filipinos can do in e-Sport races. It is a very good avenue for sim racing and e-Sports here in the Philippines to grow.”

Streamed online, the regional virtual race will allow motorsport enthusiasts and avid gamers all over Asia to come together and experience the real-racing excitement with Toyota virtually. The wheels of choice in this race is Toyota’s iconic sports car, the GR Supra. 

Commenting on the upcoming “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020 [Regional Round]”, Vice President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, Mr. David Nordstrom, said, “The ‘GR Supra GT Cup ASIA’ challenge is all about the power of passion, cars and limitless possibilities and we are excited to engage with the aspiring players in the region. It is a great feeling to race on-line. Indeed, my racing moments on simulator captures some of the exhilaration I have experienced on real race tracks around the world.

“It’s a feat to have these incredible players competing in the legendary sports car, GR Supra, and we look forward to having fans join us to experience virtual racing with Toyota, by watching the regional finale.”

Details on the GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020 – Regional Round

Host Toyota Motor Asia Pacific
Regional Round [Asia Region]
Race Name  GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020 – Regional Round
Event Date  Selection of Regional Champion: 25 Oct 2020
[One-day event to be held ON-LINE]
Regional Round
Console: PlayStation 4
Game: Gran Turismo Sport. Online purchase to be the owner
of GR Supra [virtual game car for e-Race in Gran Turismo]
Age criteria: Must be 18 years old & above


For more information on “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA 2020,” which will be made available in due course including details about the streaming of the regional finale, regional game rules/format, regional racing circuits/competition rounds, profiles of the finalists, as well as visuals and videos, visit here “GR Supra GT Cup ASIA” gaming platform [One Esports].

About Toyota Motor Asia Pacific:

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific [TMAP] is incorporated in Singapore and is the regional headquarters and subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, in respect of distribution in the Asia Pacific region and regional treasury activities. TMAP connects communities, products and services, and people in the region. Since its founding, regional operations have diversified with expanding distribution networks that broadly covers sales and marketing activities, service parts/accessories and customer services, thus contributing to the overall development of auto industry and the growing economies in the Asia Pacific region.

Toyota envisions the future mobility society to bring freedom of movement to all. Moving forward, Toyota will provide a diverse range of mobility services and transportation solutions to people around the world as we transform Toyota into a mobility company. 

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Toyota Motor Asia Pacific [Corporate Communications]
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

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Toyota Motor Asia Pacific [Marketing Planning]
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* Asia represents South and South-East Asian countries
** “PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. “PS4” is a trademark of the same company.
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