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Toyota Motor Philippines redefines connected mobility with myTOYOTA Co

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Toyota Motor Philippines redefines connected mobility with myTOYOTA Connect

Suite of advanced connected services rolled out through Hiace variants

Primed to continuously boost its CASE (Connected, Automated, Shared, and Electrified) mobility offerings in the country, leading mobility company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has introduced its newest suite of connected services designed to bring Toyota owners in the Philippines a whole new level of convenience and personalization.

Dubbed as myTOYOTA Connect, TMP’s wide array of connected services is initially available in Hiace GL Grandia, Grandia Tourer, and Super Grandia variants retailing this month. Soon, more myTOYOTA Connect capable Toyota models equipped with a connected device will be announced in the market.

These connected services can be easily activated under a free introductory period and quickly accessed via TMP’s one-stop user companion – the myTOYOTA app available for Android and iOS users.

“myTOYOTA Connect is yet another example of how TMP is determined to improve the Filipinos’ quality of life through technologically advanced mobility options and services,” said Atsuhiro Okamoto, president of TMP. “With myTOYOTA Connect, we are not just giving Toyota users the power to enjoy the best possible customer experience through access to life-changing innovations and practical information. We are also harnessing the power of data to continuously personalize and bring constant improvement in our level of service to our customers.”

Move Connected with Toyota

With myTOYOTA Connect, users can experience enhanced mobility through connected services that bring together Toyota’s universe of products and services so they can access unique services fit for their specific needs. 

Accessing myTOYOTA Connect via myTOYOTA app gives users access to a wealth of information including vehicle status, driving information to daily trip summaries allowing for better management and maintenance of the vehicle or fleet. Tracking the vehicle will be easier thanks to the feature that state the location of the vehicle even when the engine is off, making it possible to check the last location of your vehicle. On top of this, myTOYOTA Connect PH comes with a geofencing feature that sets an alert once your vehicle enters of leaves the designated zone or boundaries the user has set.

myTOYOTA Connect also allows user to get to know their vehicles better making care and maintenance easier and more accurate. The service gives user on-the-dot reminders according to the actual mileage of the vehicle. This can allow user to schedule regular maintenance hassle-free and more timely, and with the myTOYOTA app, booking a service with the preferred dealership or service center is also a breeze.

Aside from these services that make your vehicle experience more convenient, myTOYOTA Connect also comes with the Connected Toyota Insure , with AXA Philippines as its exclusive insurance provider. This is the 1st PHYD (Pay How You Drive) insurance product that takes advantage of driving behavior and mileage captured from our connected vehicles to determine good drivers and have them benefit from a reduced renewal premium. This service provides security as it assures customer quality repair service in case of accident with full insurance coverage under Toyota Insure Program and allows them to save with the discount on their renewal based on their good driving. On top of this, the service promotes safety as it encourages our customer to drive safely.

“More than just another service introduction, myTOYOTA Connect is another manifestation of TMP’s commitment to providing mobility for all,” added Okamoto. “And the better news is this is just the beginning and the possibilities are endless. TMP is excited to provide more products and services that will not only enhance your vehicle experience but will also move your world and improve the quality of life for everyone.”

myTOYOTA Connect is now available in Hiace variants equipped with the connected device and will soon be part of RAV4’s improvements, which will be rolled out on November 24, 2022. Download myTOYOTA App to activate your free 2-year subscription. For more information on activating and using the myTOYOTA Connect services, visit any Toyota dealership and Toyota marketing professionals will assist you. You may also call the Toyota Customer Assistance Center at (02) 8819-2912.

Be up to date about myTOYOTA Connect and other Toyota services. Visit toyota.com.ph and follow Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, ToyotaMotorPH on Twitter and join our Viber community at ToyotaPH. Download myTOYOTA App for your everyday Toyota needs.