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Toyota Motor Philippines Brings On-Demand Mobility With SWAT

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Toyota brings on-demand mobility with SWAT

Toyota brings on-demand mobility with SWAT

New system for employees’ daily commute to and from work

In an effort to address the demand for safe and reliable mobility of the workforce, Toyota Motor Philippines collaborated with SWAT Mobility to introduce the On-Demand Shuttle (ODS) system last May 2020. The system aims to provide safe, comfortable and reliable shuttle services to companies for their employees’ daily commute to and from work. Through a mobile booking application called SWATBiz, the system automates route preparation and streamlines the employees’ seat booking process, eliminating manual arrangement of shuttle destination points. Moreover, the app helps operators monitor the shuttle vehicles through its real-time tracking system which optimizes asset management at the same time.

Tailor fit to the operations and meet the specific needs of employees, the ODS system features 2 routing types: dynamic and fixed. Dynamic routing applies more on arrangements where work schedule constantly changes, ridership count in the vehicles varies, and where close-to-door pick-up and drop-off points are preferred. Fixed routing, on the other hand, suits fixed work schedules, pre-defined routes, and shared drop-off points.

To cater to a wide range of users, the app is made available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

With ODS system, your on-demand mobility gets taken care of as the simplified shuttle service management provided by the system improves work efficiency and ultimately optimizes operating costs.
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