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Wheelbase (mm)
Seating Capacity
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Maximum Output (ps/rpm)
Maximum Torque (Nm/Rpm)
Fuel Capacity (L)
Power Transmission
Front Brake/ Rear Brake
Wheels (size)

Public Advisory | One Price Policy | Toyota Motor Philippines

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Public Advisory | One Price Policy

September 2, 2022

SEPTEMBER 2, 2022 - Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) recognizes the continued high demand for brand new Toyota vehicles. We thank our valued and loyal customers for their continued trust and confidence in our products. 
We seek further understanding of the delayed delivery of some of Toyota vehicle models/variants. The parts supply disruption, among others, has for some time interrupted global supply chain. 

In light of this, we would like to remind the public that TMP strictly enforces a ONE PRICE POLICY across its dealer network nationwide. It is against this policy to ask for any additional premium on top of the suggested retail price, for whatever reason.
Customers who wish to seek clarification may contact TMP’s Customer Assistance Center hotline at (02) 8819-2912 or email customerassistance@toyota.com.ph
Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.