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Toyota is among Port of Batangas’ top revenue contributors | Toyota

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Toyota is among Port of Batangas’ top revenue contributors

TMP recognized as second top importer by BOC-POB for the period of January to July 2022

The country’s largest automotive and mobility company remitted to the government a total of PHP 16.46 billion in the form of duties and taxes. The amount is the second highest collected by the Port of Batangas (POB), contributing to the Port’s higher revenue performance versus the same period last year.

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) operates with the POB for the importation of automotive products including various Toyota and Lexus vehicle models, multi-sourced parts for production, and service parts from the Asia Pacific region.

Moreover, the POB serves as a major gateway for TMP’s distribution of automotive products to Toyota dealerships in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

The TMP Batangas Vehicle Center, the country’s largest automotive processing
and logistics facility located near the Port of Batangas

With the establishment of the 32-hectare TMP Batangas Vehicle Center (BVC), TMP processes the completely-built-up units (CBU) arriving from the nearby POB at a higher capacity and level of efficiency. While it is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and global Toyota standards and systems, the BVC’s proximity advantage contributes to quality assurance and sustainability.

In photo (from left) are TMP first vice president for Comptrollership Dennis Ben-hur Escuro,
TMP first vice president for Vehicle Logistics Aimee Josephine Lopez,
and BOC-POB district collector Atty. Ma. Rhea M. Gregorio during the
BOC-POB’s 65th Founding Anniversary event held in Batangas City. (Photo by BOC-POB)

TMP first vice president for Vehicle Logistics Aimee Josephine Lopez said the Bureau of Customs (BOC) has always been crucial in supporting the local automotive industry and TMP in its commitment to deliver quality products and services to Toyota customers.

“Process automation initiatives as well as the highly reliable port personnel continue to support Toyota’s operations through efficient customs processing and timely release of shipments,” Lopez added.

The BOC-POB celebrated its 65th founding year in August 2022 through an anniversary event where top locators and exporters were recognized for their support to the Port’s programs and endeavors.