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Toyota Motor Philippines accelerates mobility for a sustainable future

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Toyota Motor Philippines accelerates mobility for a sustainable future



Since its incorporation in 1988, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) has become the leading and largest automotive company in the Philippines.
When we refreshed our perspective from the traditional manufacturing and distribution business, we also moved on a wider landscape with more stakeholders we aim to reach and create value for. At present, we are revolutionizing the concept of mobility while remaining as a positive enabler of economic and societal development. It is our goal to also become the country’s leading ‘mobility company.’
Our Team Members are always at the core of our organization’s strength; that is why their health and safety is a priority. Through its COVID-19 vaccination program, TMP not only vaccinated 99% of its Team Members but also their families and the Company’s outsourced manpower to achieve stronger immunity. TMP’s support and intervention also expanded through a strengthened Mental Health Program. On the other hand, our Dealer and Supplier Team Members achieved herd immunity against COVID-19.
The year 2021 also gave us an optimistic view of the automotive industry’s path to full recovery. TMP’s 2021 sales increased by 30% from 2020. We successfully maintained our leadership position with 46.3% local market share – the highest recorded in TMP’s history, and the highest in the ASEAN region. Such a performance helped us secure TMP’s 20th consecutive Triple Crown, being number 1 in passenger car sales, commercial vehicle sales, and overall sales.
We closed the year with flying colors as the national government bestowed TMP the prestigious 2019 Philippine Quality Award (PQA) for Performance Excellence. It is the highest level of national recognition for exemplary organizational performance.
In the midst of numerous challenges, such as the fast-evolving market conditions and COVID-19 threat, TMP will not be wavered in its goal to create customer smiles through its brand of customer experience. This is the same resolve of Toyota anywhere in the globe as it undergoes a once-in-a-century transformation to become a total mobility solutions provider.
We offer our profound gratitude to our dear Toyota Customers and the Filipino people who continue to trust us. You have always been our constant inspiration to become better to build a more sustainable society for all of us and the next generations to come.
I would like to thank all the members of Team Toyota Philippines – our TMP Team Members, Dealer Network, Supplier Network – who continue to work hard to overcome hurdles, make new milestones, and bring mobility and happiness for all.
Thank you and mabuhay!
           TMP President