Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) concluded the 2019 Vios Racing Festival season with a heart-pumping race weekend. Held last November 9, 2019 at the Clark International Speedway, the final races saw over 70 Circuit Championship and Autocross Challenge drivers making the most out of their turn on the track with heightened waku-doki spirit powered by the ever-reliable Toyota Vios.

Series front-runners expectedly delivered podium finishes but new champs also appeared in the winners’ list, including celebrity racer Gerald Anderson who secured wins for the first time since the season started.

“I had to finish the last leg of the vios Racing Festival with a bang!” said celebrity racer Gerald Anderson in an Instagram post he wrote after the race. “I was tired of losing and not giving a good race for my fans/supporters who travelled from Manila to Clark every race to support me. You guys were my motivation. I couldn’t accept not standing on the podium before the Vios Racing Festival ended.”

“I learned that we all have to be like a Toyota Vios in our lives. Reliable – be someone your family can always rely on; Quality – always giving your best at everything; Safety – protecting yourself & family; Relentless – never stopping ‘til you reach your Goals/Dreams. Let’s all be a Toyota Vios,” Anderson added.

At the end of the November 9 race day, TMP recognized the racers who won the final rounds of the Vios Circuit Championship and the fourth round of the Vios Autocross Challenge.

“Toyota appreciates your heartfelt support over the course of the Vios Racing Festival. Together, we all contribute to the growth of motorsports in the Philippines, and we’ll continue to do so for more years to come” said TMP President Satoru Suzuki during the race's opening ceremonies attended by the race participants and spectators.

The overall winners of the 2019 Vios Racing Festival season will be announced by TMP in an awards night happening this month.

TMP has been organizing Vios motorsport events in the country for six years now. For this season, TMP added the Autocross Challenge to the event, transforming the annual Vios Cup into a more inclusive and accessible Vios Racing Festival by opening racing slots to more car club members, motoring journalists, social media personalities and even regular drivers or Toyota fans who joined TMP’s social media contests.

The 2019 Vios Racing Festival is supported by TMP’s partners and sponsors Bridgestone, Petron, Motul, Rota, Brembo, Denso, AVT, 3M, OMP, and Tuason Racing.

Here’s the complete list of the podium finishers from last weekend’s races:

Circuit Championship

Race 7:

  Celebrity Promotional Sporting
1st Troy Montero Francis Adriano John Dizon
2nd Aubrey Miles Darrel Garbes Marc Soong
3rd Gretchen Ho Julian Tang Red Diwa

Race 8:

  Celebrity Promotional Sporting
1st Troy Montero Francis Adriano Lord Seno
2nd Aubrey Miles Darrel Garbes Marc Soong
3rd Gerald Anderson Elysse Menorca Gel Napat

Race 9:

  Celebrity Promotional Sporting
1st Troy Montero Julian Tang John Dizon
2nd Gerald Anderson Elysse Menorca Red Diwa
3rd Daniel Matsunaga Ian Rosales Eggy Ong

Autocross Challange

   SMPs Media Car Clubs
1st Vince Vandorpe  Anjo Perez Carlos Iñigo Anton 
2nd Jun Sunga  Jose Luis Altoveros  Sean Kody S. Ng 
3rd Reph Bangsil  Raymond Figuerres  Mickie Carbonell 

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