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Brake Actuator ECU Reprogramming on certain Toyota Models | Toyota Mot

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Brake Actuator ECU Reprogramming on certain Toyota Models

The following Toyota models are affected by the Special Service Campaign for the Brake Actuator ECU Reprogramming:

Involved Units
Production period
July 7, 2021
April 1, 2022
LC 300 615


The subject vehicles are equipped with a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system that is operated by a Skid Control ECU with a specific software logic. Due to an incorrect programming of the Skid Control ECU software, after a particular set of operating inputs where the driver manually turns off the VSC by the VSC in-vehicle control and the ignition is turned off and then turned back on while the brake pedal is continuously depressed, the VSC will not return to the default ON setting at the next ignition cycle. This condition can result in a noncompliance with applicable regulations in some countries. Unless these precise operating inputs are followed, VSC operation will automatically return to the default VSC ON setting at any subsequent ignition cycle. If the VSC does not default to VSC ON, a warning light will illuminate, indicating to the driver that the VSC is not activated. If VSC does not return to the default ON setting because the precise operating inputs were carried out and the driver also does not recognize the warning light to manually reactivate the VSC system, then operating the vehicle with an inoperative VSC system could increase the risk of a crash in certain driving conditions.

Customers will be notified by Toyota Motor Philippines Team through an Official Notification Letter and will be invited by authorized Toyota Dealerships to perform reprogramming on Brake Actuator ECU at NO COST. Customers may also check if the TOYOTA vehicle is included in any active Service Campaign at https://toyota.com.ph/service-campaign.

Customers with vehicles included in the service campaign are highly encouraged to immediately set an appointment with any authorized Toyota dealer to perform the necessary vehicle repairs to prevent problems from occurring.             

For more information or further inquiries, Customers may contact any authorized Toyota Dealerships or Toyota's Customer Assistance Center (CAC) Hotline  +632 8819 2912, email us at customerassistance@toyota.com.ph or direct message through TMP official Facebook page, or "Contact Support" via MyToyotaPH app.

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