Why Toyota Certified

Being the No. 1 car manufacturer in the Philippines
for the past two decades. Toyota has established a
strong base of loyal customers who would like to keep
their relationships with Toyota.

With this, the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle (TCUV, or
simply, Toyota Certified) was created to reward
customer loyalty by providing them the best price for
their vehicles.

Why Toyota Certified


Our team of highly skilled accredited assessors have undergone hours of intensive training under a Japanese specialist for them to be able to conduct an inspection process based on a transparent standard of assessment for high sense of assurance.

Trade-ins are assessed meticulously to provide you the best value for your vehicle.


We would like you to have the same experience as buying a brand new vehicle. Toyota Certified used vehicles qualify for special financing rates made available by Toyota Financial Services.


Each vehicle undergoes a thorough 211-point inspection process performed by our team of highly skilled assessors, employing advanced technology to evaluate its condition. The inspection process is aimed at determining the best value for customers’s used cars.


For a vehicle to be called “Certified”, it must first pass the strict quality standards set by Toyota. The criteria for a vehicle to pass certification are as follows:
      Must be a Toyota vehicle

      Must obtain a high overall inspection rating of 4 or above out of 5 (based on the 211-point checklist)

      Must have a mileage of 60,000 km or less

      Must be within 5 years after first registration

      Must have no frame damage and is not a flooded vehicle.

      Must have not been purchased from the gray market (through used-car importation)


We want you to have the best after-sales experience, so each Toyota Certified used vehicle comes with an additional limited warranty covering engine and transmission
for 12 months or 20,000 kms, whichever comes first.


1.) What is TCUV? What is its purpose and objective?

TCUV stands for Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, a new service launched on April 26, 2013. The main purpose of the project is to reward our customers for their loyalty to Toyota by providing the “Best Price for their Toyota”. Toyota, being the No. 1 selling car in the Philippines for the past two decades, has established a strong base of loyal customers who have loved Toyota and would like to keep their relationship with the brand. We believe it is our responsibility to reward them by providing high residual values for their Toyotas. TCUV was designed to give customers a high level of assurance and trust while selling their Toyota or buying a Certified used Toyota. The operation will follow a strict standard of inspection process (211-point checklist) to ensure "Quality, Durability, and Reliability" philosophy of Toyota is emphasized and will have strict Toyota certification criteria before it is sold. We also believe that TCUV will help us serve customers who aspire to own a Toyota, but may not yet be able to buy a new car due to budget constraints, by providing them high quality certified used Toyota vehicles.

2) What are the key points of TCUV? What makes TCUV different from typical used car dealers?

The existing used car business in the country can be described as “informal and unorganized”. There is no established used car pricing which customers could refer to if they would like to dispose of their cars. The price depends on each customer’s estimation and capability to negotiate. The whole process then becomes non-transparent and customers are never sure if they are selling their car at the right price and at the right place. With TCUV, we would like to establish a transparent process which can offer the right price for your Toyotas. Moreover, our operations also ensure that customers who want to buy pre-owned cars can get the same experience as that of a brand new Toyota buyer.
This program has three (3) key advantages:

A) Transparent and fair inspection process (211-point check) backed by technology
B) Fair trade-in price for customer’s car
C) Toyota certification and warranty

3) Why is it necessary to inspect using a 211-point system?

In the used car market, every Toyota is a different car as every owner uses it differently. Thus, to offer the best price for the vehicle, a thorough inspection for each car must be conducted.

Our 211-point inspection process will be performed by our accredited assessors who were especially trained by a Japanese specialist. The inspection is based on strict Japanese standard supplemented with advanced technology to provide a fair and transparent process for high sense of assurance.

4) What are the vehicles accepted during trade-in?

All brands of vehicles are accepted for trade-in for a new Toyota. However, we will only certify and sell Toyota vehicles.

5) Can all Toyotas be certified?

Not all Toyota vehicles can be certified. The eligible cars must have an overall rating of at least 4 out of 5 based on the 211-point criteria checklist.

6) Are all cars sold from a TCUV outlet certified?

We are going to sell Toyota vehicles from our TCUV outlets. While cars which are certified need to meet strict Toyota standards, non-certified cars will also go through the similar strict evaluation.

7) Can customers request for appraisal over the phone?

For us to be able to provide the “best price for customer’s car”, we need to do a thorough assessment. For that, we request customers to visit any TCUV outlet and bring their cars for standard evaluation. Based on the inspection results, the dealers will be able to offer the best price. Make an appointment here

8) Do I need an appointment for an evaluation to check my car’s worth?

There is a designated assessor in every TCUV outlet who is always ready to evaluate a pre-owned vehicle. Walk-in inquiries and assessments are entertained; however, we recommend making an appointment for customers to have a hassle-free visit at their preferred dealer.

9) Will you explain how you evaluate my car?

Of course. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the assessment of your vehicle, feel free to talk to the assessor who evaluated your car. They have been trained to explain the evaluation process as well as the technical areas that they examine in your car.

10) Does a Toyota Certified vehicle have warranty? What is the period and coverage?

Yes. Toyota Certified used vehicles are provided with an additional limited warranty covering engine and transmission for 12 months or 20,000 km whichever comes first.

11) Will the TCUV vehicles be more expensive than those vehicles sold by the brokers?

Each Toyota Certified vehicle will be sold with Toyota warranty and quality. Despite this added cost, TCUV will be priced competitively to achieve high customer satisfaction.

12) Can customers get special financing for a TCUV?

In the used car industry, financing rates for used cars are generally higher than those for brand new vehicles to cover for the bigger risk on the asset. However, Toyota Certified used vehicles will be supported by financing rates which are at the same level as brand new vehicles—a first in the auto industry. Special TCUV financing options will be made available by Toyota Financial Services.

13) Which dealers will be implementing the TCUV Program? What about the other dealers?

The TCUV is currently being offered at thirteen (13) dealers, with other dealers to follow very soon. Find the dealer nearest you.