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Back-to-Back Track Action Returns at the 2022 Toyota GR GT Cup | Toyot

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Back-to-Back Track Action Returns at the 2022 Toyota GR GT Cup

Race returnees and newcomers gather in the spirit of sports

Mobility leader Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) isn’t slamming the brakes in bringing its premier e-motorsports program, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup Philippines, to e-racing enthusiasts in the country. Now on its third season, the racing simulation game or sim racing series is opening its doors to Filipinos of all age ranges and racing experiences, giving them a stage to showcase their skills and talents in esports. 

The newest development in this year’s edition is an innovation in the scoring system, adding a whole new level of excitement for participants. Racers, who are divided into classes based on their age and experience, can now enjoy multiplier points in the second and third rounds on top of the points awarded based on their finishing position. This means each participant has the chance to widen the gap between them and those trailing behind or overtake prevailing performers. 

The first round, which took place last May 6 and 7, commenced with its first round of races, bringing players to the famous Suzuka Circuit in Japan. This real-world track is believed by many to be among the most challenging circuits in the world with a total length of 5.8 kilometers with 17 turns that give drivers every chance to change the fate of their career. 

Familiar names across all classes were spotted sprinting along the track alongside neophytes who proved themselves to be worthy competition. Even pro racer and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Philippines Ambassador Marlon Stöckinger was utterly impressed by the performance of the racers regardless of their level of experience.

Filled with thrill and excitement, racers didn’t waste any time, astoundingly pushing their way toward the front of the pack to get their name across the checkered line. Skills and wit were tested as the participants’ knowledge of handling the virtual vehicles and mastery of the track challenged them. 

At the end of the first round, the e-racers had cemented their names on the leaderboard, which dictated how they would defend or chase positions in the next rounds. David Enzo Ison led the Junior Class, Matthew Spencer Ang the Promotional Class, and Russel Reyes the Sporting Class.

By the second set of races, which took place last May 27 and 28, participants battled it out on the Autopolis International Racing Course, a real-life track based on the international racing circuit in Japan. In this event, racers drove the GR Yaris, a well-loved vehicle born from the World Rally Championships. Its careful engineering makes it a true head-turner from the front to the rear – it’s a racer’s car through and through. Want to discover more on the GR Yaris? Visit toyota.com.ph/gr-yaris.

For the Junior Class, Christopher Garrido stole the top spot to take it all home, with David Ison in second place and Russo Gabriel Formoso in third. Adding their total scores from the first round pushed Ison up on top at 42.5 points overall so far in the race, with Garrido only half a point shy at 42, and Joshua David Marquez at 27 points. Thanks to the multiplier, David Ison rose on top despite finishing second in the second race heat. 

Jumping into the Promotional Class, Stanley Golez took the top position with a genius overtake, putting him at the top of the board. Golez won Round 2 with 30 points, Ang with 22.5, and Herrera with 18. Factoring in the 1.5x multiplier and adding their total scores so far, Matthew emerged on top with 62.5 points, followed by Golez with 48, and Julius Quitlong with 42. 

Finally, in the Sporting Class, the division featuring the best of the best, Russel Reyes, Iñigo Anton, and Lance Padilla formed the top three during the qualifier round. Due to the reverse grid ruling, however, Estefano Rivera was positioned at P1, followed by Gab Señires at P2, and Jether Miole at P3. Quietly working and maintaining his stature round after round, Estefano Rivera finished first without a sweat, followed by Miole, and Señires. Factoring in the multiplier points and the total scores achieved over the last two rounds – Russel Reyes led with 52 points, Estefano Rivera with 39, and Jether Miole with 37.5.

The third and final round will take place on the Tokyo Expressway, a fictional city circuit on the Gran Turismo Sport game on the PlayStation spanning a total of 4.4 kilometers and featuring 12 turns. 

Who can join the 2022 GR GT Cup Philippines? Filipinos ages 18 and above can register for the Promotional and Sporting Class, while those aged 17 and under can sign up for the Junior Class. Once application has been approved, participants can race in the qualifying weekend. Top 24 qualifiers will then compete in the race weekend, where points will be rewarded.

Interested? Registration for Round 3 is still open! To play, participants must have a PlayStation 4, an active PSN account and PS Plus Subscription, and the Gran Turismo Sport game. Any compatible gaming controller is acceptable. Upon signing up, basic personal information and a valid government-issued ID is required. For more information on how to join, visit toyota.com.ph/gtcup/how-to-join.

Each local round features a different GR sportscar and racetrack for a unique and immersive racing experience. Round 1 featured the GR Supra, while e-racers got to drive the GR Yaris for Round 2. For the final round, participants will get to feel the thrill of the GR 86! Winners from the local rounds will then head on to compete at the national final round, where they will be up against the top racers nationwide.

Cash prizes and GR GT Cup merchandise await the winners of the local rounds and national final round. Winners will also represent the Philippines in Asia Regional Rounds and race at the Vios Cup. 

To know more about the GR GT Cup, visit toyota.com.ph/gtcup. Fans and enthusiasts of the race series can bookmark Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook to be notified of live streams. You can also visit toyota.com.ph to view the entire GR vehicle lineup, including the Vios GR-S, GR Yaris, the GR Supra, and learn how you can own one now. To learn more about TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, their innovations and engineering, follow TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Philippines on Facebook.